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Some features of the Xbox Series S are towering over the features of the Sony PlayStation 5.

A huge defining factor of why to go for an Xbox Series S over the Sony PlayStation 5 is not necessary to do with price, even though the Series S is significantly cheaper than the PlayStation 5, it's all got to do with backwards compatibility.

Both the Xbox Series X and S offer full backward compatibility, HDR integration and resolution and frame rate upscaling on older games. But, technically, it doesn't end there!

The Xbox Series S is made by Microsoft, as we all know, but being Microsoft, they always somehow find a way to make their products appeal to gaming geeks just a little bit more than their main competition. Microsoft has integrated a developer mode into the Xbox Series S and X which allows you to actually program your Xbox to run older Playstation 2 games on the brand new console at 60 frames per second! And they run incredibly well!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Review Tech USA, on The Xbox Series S Does What The Sony Playstation 5 Doesn't.

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