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Working on a computer for extended periods with a traditional mouse will quickly lead to some wrist pains, so the Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse is intended to offer a solution for avid computer users.

The vertical mouse will reduce your pain when you are gripping the mouse for a long time during your work and e-sports. The vertical mouse works by placing the hand in a more ergonomic position during use in order to eliminate the occurrence of developing pain after hours of use from gaming, designing or simply browsing. 

The Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse offers up to 4,000 DPI to ensure a fast, responsive experience and features four buttons that have been strategically placed in order to ensure an ergonomic design. The mouse takes two AA batteries that will provide eight months of use, while a wired version is also available.

In the video, you get to see the concept in action and how the ergonomic design of the Delux Wireless Vertical Mouse will make your life easier. 

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