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There Is A Band Made Up Entirely Of Robots

Kolja Kugler is an artist and a sculptor, and he said it was his interest in finding ways to make his

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It is easier than you think to craft AI tools without typing a line of code. With the Lobe application,
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To all the burger lovers out there, welcome to the future! This massive robotic contraption is the next
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Unity is the most popular cross-platform game engine favoured by video game developers, and the company
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Facebook recently released statistics that revolves around abusive behaviour on its social media platform,
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Learn how to make a homework writing machine for students using a Arduino nano microcontroller. For the
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An Indian engineering student has invented a machine that can turn air into potable water. Known as the
How To Solve The Biggest Problem With Lego
Lets put it this way, to a majority of humans out there, having a hangover on a Saturday is the worst,
How Can Ai Prevent Blindness For Millions Of People
When you take a picture of a dog or a cat, Googles algorithms place it in a folder marked as pets,
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Millions of people go blind every year from a preventable eye disease caused by diabetes. Known as diabetic
Will Humanity Ever Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?
The late Stephan Hawking once stated that The development of full artificial intelligence could spell
Dutch Company To Train Crows To Pick Up Cigarette Butts
In a world saturated by start-ups there is only one way to get yourself noticed; solve a problem that
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Prosthetic limb users may soon have a bright future to look forward to, in terms of new technology that
The New Ai Chief At Apple Might Actually Save Siri
It is about time Alexa and Google Assistant finally starts getting some real competition?John Giannandrea,
Programmer Wrote Scripts To Make His Job Automated
There is a hilarious project on GitHub – the website that hosts all kinds of software that programmers
3d Water Pinter Designed For Gatorade Campaign
So, what if water was as active as you? London-based Machine shop turns the tech world upside down with
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The Professional camera company made waves last month when it announced plans to launch its first smartphone,
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Ridy Will Get You From A To B Without The Zzzz
Ridy is an artificial intelligence device that will help drivers stay focused on the road and can pick
Google And Others Build Ai Systems That Doubt Themselves
Artificial Intelligence will make better decisions by embracing uncertainty, which is the most powerful
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Back in June Microsoft announced the much-awaited Xbox One X Project Scorpio. It is being featured as
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The creators of Project Cars announced that they already set up a crowdfunding page for the sequel. Two
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Biomutant is an open-world action from some of the minds behind Just Cause 3 and Mad Max. Described as