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How Scientists Are Fighting Fake Celebrity Porn

Illustration by Jacqueline Lin

Instagram Wants To Remove Fake Likes And Followers
Instagram wants to fight fake likes, followers, and comments by more actively removing them.Any fake
Do Not Get Fooled By The Looks Of These Fake Nes Classic Nintendo Consoles!
Now that the NES Classic Edition has been discontinued by Nintendo, it is more expensive to find one
WhatsApp Will Limit The Amount Of Messages You Can Forward
WhatsApp has announced that it will limit the number of times a user can forward a message, in a bid
The Website That Fooled Reddit Users
Next time you decide to visit Reddit to get your daily world news, funny pictures and silly comment chains,
Elon Musk Wants To Design A New System To Stop Fake News
Elon Musk wants to create a site where people can rate journalists and even allow them to score writers
Ai-assisted Software Could Use Your Selfies For Porn
Reddit users are using AI software to create fake hardcore porn using the faces of famous celebrity women,
Facebook Confirmed It Made Money From Russia-based Political Ads!
It’s no secret that Russia interfered in the US presidential election last year (2016). Trump may
Video: You Can Now Fake Your Own Dance Moves
Artificial Intelligence is helping out quite a lot these days, and it can now even assist with a way
Facebook Is Rating Users On Whether They Are Trustworthy
Facebook will be rating users on whether they are trustworthy or not, and will be scored on a scale from
Whatsapp Has A New Feature And It Might Be Good Or Bad
The reason behind the latest update on WhatsApp is that the company plans to battle the misinformation
Here Is How To Fake Slow-motion With Artificial Intelligence
New research could make it easier to capture slow-motion on your smartphone. To capture slo-mo footage
LEGO Blocks Get Put To The Ultimate Test
The guys at YouTubes Hydraulic Press Channel, decided to take LEGO bricks and put them to
Ai Is Being Used By Adobe To Manipulate Images
The famous developers of Photoshop, Adobe, say that is has developed a tool that can detect if an
The Clouds On Jupiter Look Fake
It is strange to think that there is a whole different planet out there, waiting to be invaded by aliens
Pornhub Will Be Deleting Fake Ai-generated Porn
Pornhub is the latest platform that will ban AI-generated deepfakes porn. The AI-generated videos that
This Digital Camera Makes You Wind And Insert Fake Film
After years of silence, the classic camera company Yashica has returned with a new product. The new product
Video: Ridiculous Inventions You Won't Actually Believe Exist
So some of these inventions are pretty cool... in theory.The others...I cant even. You need to see