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Facebook Starts Planning How To Monetize Whatsapp

Facebook is getting serious about monetizing WhatsApp after the social media network reported sluggish

Whatsapp Has A New Feature And It Might Be Good Or Bad
The reason behind the latest update on WhatsApp is that the company plans to battle the misinformation
WhatsApp Hack: How To Protect Yourself
The WhatsApp hack that broke ground recently appears to have been targeted specifically at political
You Can Now Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages
WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world and users can now schedule
Whatsapp Messenger Stores Your Private Messages
Your private messages on WhatsApp Messenger gets stored on their drive, where it might actually contain
Whatsapp Now Allows You To Be In Control Of Group Chats
Surely we have all been invited to a group chat on WhatsApp that was set up to do one thing but
Instead Of Using WhatsApp Here Are 5 Other Messaging Apps
Everybody knows that WhatsApp is most probably the most popular messaging app in South Africa, but it
Facebook Will Soon Add Ads To WhatsApp
There is a lot going on over at the Facebook-owned outfits, with Instagrams founder leaving, and theres
WhatsApp's Backup Could Put Business Chat Groups At Data Risk
WhatsApps new backup for business chat groups could put their data at risk for a data breach.One of
Turns Out WhatsApp Will Show Ads
If you still have not found the ultimate messaging service which is not Whatsapp, well, now is probably
Whatsapp Fined $3.3 Million By Italy For User Data Sharing Policy!
WhatsApp has been fined $3.3 Million by Italys anti-trust watchdog for supposedly making the users
Why Not Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers?
Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has finally added the Stickers feature, allowing
Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp Messages Will Merge Into One
Mark Zuckerberg is planning on releasing a single app that people could use for all their messaging needs.It
The Blue-tick Plague - Read At 12:59 Pm
Stop what you are doing. Odds are you are not safe, you might end up dying, or you could be lucky enough
Whatsapp's Latest Update Adds Photo Filters And Albums!!
After a few months of WhatsApp adding the Snapchat-style image updates and Siri-integration, the Facebook-owned
WhatsApp Will Limit The Amount Of Messages You Can Forward
WhatsApp has announced that it will limit the number of times a user can forward a message, in a bid
Instagram Introduced A Walkie-Talkie Update
Instagram is playing around with a new feature that will essentially allow users to send voice notes
Oculus Co-founder Unfriends Facebook
The virtual reality headset maker of Oculus, co-founder Brendan Trexler Iribe, has decided to leave Facebook,