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Facebook No Longer Grants Access To Certain Apps

All of the app makers who did not submit to Facebooks review process by August 1st deadline will be

Facebook's Latest Portal Device Will Most Probably Spy On You
Facebooks year of security issues was enough to scare people off their feeds for all of about two
The 'Hunt For False News’ Has Started On Facebook
False News has been a big issue this year, across all social media platforms, and it leads to news spreading
Facebook Expands Its Dating App To Two New Countries
After launching Facebook Dating in Colombia in September, the company is now expanding its test markets
Facebook Made An Ad About How Bad Facebook Really Is
Facebook is now known as the problem child that your mom wishes none of you ever became. Well, now
Facebook Will Keep Users' Deleted Data Hostage
Reading that title might make you want to throw your phone against a wall, but it has been a rough time
The Blue-tick Plague - Read At 12:59 Pm
Stop what you are doing. Odds are you are not safe, you might end up dying, or you could be lucky enough
Facebook Watch Is Different From Netflix And YouTube
Seems that Facebook might be a latecomer to the streaming video market, but the company thinks it can
Hackers At It Again And Stole 14 Million Facebook Users' Data
About two weeks ago there was yet another major Facebook hack, which affected around 30 million people,
Facebook Confirmed It Made Money From Russia-based Political Ads!
It’s no secret that Russia interfered in the US presidential election last year (2016). Trump may
Facebook Will Add A New Dating Feature To The Platform
Facebook announced that the social media giant will now look into adding a dating layer to its main app.What
What You Need To Know About Facebook's Gaming Hub
Facebook recently announced the social media giant will launch a service to attract gamers who stream
Facebook Introduced A New Advertising Platform
The social media and tech giant, Facebook, has announced the arrival of several tools for businesses
Facebook Starts Planning How To Monetize Whatsapp
Facebook is getting serious about monetizing WhatsApp after the social media network reported sluggish
Instagram co-founders resigned from Facebook
The co-founders of the worlds most famous image-sharing app, Instagram, announced that they will resign
Facebook Will Soon Add Ads To WhatsApp
There is a lot going on over at the Facebook-owned outfits, with Instagrams founder leaving, and theres
Video: Do Not Trust Facebook, Here Is Why...
Facebook has become a behemoth of social networking. In June 2017 there were over two billion active
Millions Of Facebook Users Were Affected By A 'bug'
Facebook is definitely not doing well to get their reputation back on track.On Thursday the social
Facebook Groups To Charge Subscription Fees For Access
Facebook will soon allow group administrators to start charging between $4.99 and $29.99 a month
Oculus Co-founder Unfriends Facebook
The virtual reality headset maker of Oculus, co-founder Brendan Trexler Iribe, has decided to leave Facebook,
Facebook Tests A New Feature For Stories
Their plan is to make RSVPing more seamless and is now testing a new feature that will allow you to share
Facebook Does Not Want You To Delete The App
Facebook has made several deals with Samsung and other Android devices to make it impossible to delete
Facebook Is Rating Users On Whether They Are Trustworthy
Facebook will be rating users on whether they are trustworthy or not, and will be scored on a scale from
Users Will Soon Be Able To 'Unsend' Facebook Messages
Everybody makes a typo mistake? Or realized they are wrong? Or even more hectic, like said something