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Apple's Top Secret Nuclear iPod feature.

Trust me, the title of this article is not click bait! Apple's iPods were incredibly popular around 2005 when smartphones were still in their infancy, and having a portable music player was a commonly used device found in a lot of peoples pockets. But, there were a few special editions that were secretly released with approval from the government and homeland security that would transmit nuclear data!

How scary does that sound? But there is actually a very good reason for this, as sketchy as it might sound.

The government realised that the iPod was one of the most popular devices amongst its civilians in all areas across the country at that time. The government worked closely with Apple on a once-off run of the iPod that carried a special feature that could detect amounts of radiation in a particular area and transmit that data back. There have been no official reports on how many devices had this feature or which areas picked up higher levels of radiation.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, LaterClips, on Apple's Nuclear Secret iPod Feature.

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