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Take a look at these hilarious and shocking online scams of the Sony PS5.

After the initial release of the brand new Sony PS5 console, and then Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020, scammers have taken full advantage of the high demand of Sony's new gaming console.

Both the new Sony PS5 and the Xbox Series X consoles are suffering to keep up with demand, which in turn makes them incredibly hard to come by. Online shopping scammers and delivery drivers have taken advantage of this by getting creative to make some extra cash on the sideline. There have been numerous reports on Amazon delivery drivers who remove the new PS5 console from its packaging and replace it with things such as bags of rice, mini barbeque grills and even foot massages!

Talk about disappointment when you open the box for the first time!

Furthermore, the new trend now is people starting an online bid on eBay where they are actually selling you a photo of the PS5 and not the console itself. In the description, they try to be as vague as possible on telling you it's a photo and not the console, they even go so far as to list the specs of the PS5 on the advert.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on PS5 eBay Scams Include Photos.

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