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Easily Share Your Posts Across Multiple Instagram Accounts

Sources state that Instagram has introduced a handy new feature in its iOS app that lets you share the

Instagram Wants To Remove Fake Likes And Followers
Instagram wants to fight fake likes, followers, and comments by more actively removing them.Any fake
Facebook Confirmed It Made Money From Russia-based Political Ads!
It’s no secret that Russia interfered in the US presidential election last year (2016). Trump may
Here Is How To Enable The New Gmail
Google recently rolled out some updates to the desktop version of Gmail with one of the biggest redesigns
Fortnite Creators Came Up With a Brilliant Way To Protect Users
Fortnite, the most popular video game, and their creators came up with a brilliant new way to encourage
Hacker Involved In 'celebgate' Pleads Guilty, Faces Maximum Five Years In Prison
A hacker has pleaded guilty for his role in the Celebgate breach of 2014. Edward Majerczyk
Instagram Breach Exposes Millions Of Influencer Accounts
Facebooks Instagram database of almost 50 million users found stored on an unguarded database online.The
Spotify Decided To Ban All Ad-Blockers
Spotify has become much more aggressive towards ad blockers over the past year, and recently updated
Hackers At It Again And Stole 14 Million Facebook Users' Data
About two weeks ago there was yet another major Facebook hack, which affected around 30 million people,
Facebook Is Rating Users On Whether They Are Trustworthy
Facebook will be rating users on whether they are trustworthy or not, and will be scored on a scale from
Why Not Mute All Those Irritating Accounts On Instagram?
The hardest part of social media punishments in the unfriend part, but Instagram is rolling out yet
This App Leaked Thousands Of Ids And Passwords
Thousands of users data has been leaked on the so-called TeenSafe app.TeenSafe is a teen device-monitoring
Rage 2016 Johannesburg
rAge is South Africa’s biggest annual video gaming, computer, technology and geek culture