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Top 10 Free Android Apps For 2019

Everybody loves free apps, especially when it is educational or just pure fun to use, so, here are the

Google Music Will Be Killed For Youtube Remix
Since 2017 there have been rumours that Google plans to merge YouTube and Google Play Music in order
Video: All Microsoft-published Games Will Now Be Xbox Play Anywhere
On the Windows blog corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi writes, every new title published
Video: Lego Meets Drones, And The Results Are Breathtaking
The combination of drones and LEGO is a much-loved idea and not one unfamiliar with Kitables thats already
Google Music Wants To Help You Discover New Music!
To discover new music is definitely something all of us surfing the internet on a daily basis needs and
5 Reasons Why Fortnite Is So Popular Right Now
 If you have not heard of Fortnite, then welcome back to civilisation. It is one of the most popular
'super Mario Run' Arrives On Iphone And Ipad December 15th
At the iPhone 7 event, Apple and Nintendo revealed that Mario would make his way to iOS
Video: Project Scorpio Might Just Be The Most Powerful Console Ever!!
Project Scorpio is the third Xbox console that Microsoft has announced since the Xbox One. The console
Google Is Now Offering New Subscribers Four Free Months For Google Play Music
Google is running a new deal on their Google Play Music. The music streaming service typically offers
Nintendo's Switch Online Service Will Only Cost $20 Per Year!!
This is probably the best news for all the Nintendo Switch owner. Nintendo confirmed a number of details
Videos: Top 4 Free Upcoming Games Of 2018
We already know there are some killer games that are set for release in 2018 that you will
Video: Here Are The Games You Can Play For Free On Playstation Plus This February
Available from 6 February, Sony has a neat selection of titles for Plus subscribers, whether you are
Ea Is Training Ai Players In Battlefield 1
The term AI has been used in video games since their inception, but it rarely means true artificial
Google's Deepmind Can Play Video Games Just Like A Human
Having mastered the game of Go, the research team behind Googles DeepMind artificial intelligence has
Steam For Linux Adds 1000 Perfectly Playable Games
A few days ago there were less than 5000 games available to install and play on Steam for Linux.Following
FIFA19 Is Here, So What Should You Expect?
FIFA 19 has finally launched to the world and can be played on almost every console – but
Minecraft Will No Longer Be On Apple TV
Microsoft has decided to end support for Minecraft on Apple TV.The app arrived on the device about two
Fortnite Now Supports Bluetooth Controllers On Mobile
The latest update for Fortnite allows mobile players to connect a Bluetooth controller to their handset
Apple Remembered To Add The Touch Bar Support To Garageband!!
Apples professional-level production suit, Logic Pro X added features earlier this year, but the desktop
Video: This Bracelet Turns Your Skin Into Your Smartphone!
The Cicret Bracelet can make your skin your new touchscreen, read your emails or play your favourite
Video: Kfc's Vr Training Video Is Finger-licking-frightening!
KFC says itll use the Oculus Rift game to supplement its robust, multi-step employee training program.
Video: Stop What You Are Doing And Watch This Robots Vs. Music
Music-playing robots are fascinating, there is something profoundly compelling about watching a mechanical
Video: Soundgym Challenges Your Hearing With A New Game!
SoundGyms latest game is an arcade game for the ears. It looks like a fun game that tests your ability
Turns Out Your Nintendo Switch Is Hiding An Nes Emulator And A Copy Of 'golf'
Over the weekend, modders from — a wiki dedicated to Switch homebrew projects —