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Nintendo's Switch Online Service Will Only Cost $20 Per Year!!

This is probably the best news for all the Nintendo Switch owner. Nintendo confirmed a number of details

Black Mirror Predicts The Future As China Decides To Rate Its Citizens
Imagine a world where many of our daily activities were constantly monitored and evaluated. Season three
Video: Online Shopping Is Taking Over Retail
Thousand of retail employees are losing their jobs as they compete with the growing trend of online shopping
There Is An Augmented Reality App That Lets You Fit Sneakers
Belarus startup company, Wannaby, has come up with a solution for buying sneakers online and decided
Cybersecurity Apps Could Be Worse For Your Smartphones Privacy
In early September, Apple removed several Trend Micro anti-malware tools from the Mac App store after
You Can Now Make Your Own Games, Here's How...
Designing video games has always had this air of mystery and difficulty surrounding it, especially in
Tetris 99 Is Now Available for Nintendo Switch Fans!
Nintendo has announced its very own battle royale version of the well known retro game, Tetris.Tetris
Amazon Echo Look Will Now Help You Pick Our Your Outfit!
Amazons new Echo Look camera is a voice-controlled device that will now help you pick out what to
Video: Tinder On The Desktop: Looking For Love In Another Wrong Place
Tinder has arrived to the desktop with Tinder Online, finally helping you find love (or sex) on
Paypal Adds An Ai Program To Prevent Fraud
PayPal recently announced that the company is acquiring Simility; a leading artificial intelligence (AI)
The Major Shift Of Internet Language
In a world thats largely obsessed with technology, and the vortex of the internet sucking you in with
Latest Red Dead Redemption Trailer Focus On Game's Villain
It always feels like a lifetime since the last trailer was launched when you see a new trailer for Red
This Is Google's Ultimate Project, 'open Heritage'
Google and CyArk have partnered up to help preserve historical sites around the world that are at risk
There Will Be No More New Tony Hawk Skateboard Series Games
Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has weighed on the possibility of Pro Skater remasters, and the news
Videos: Top 4 Free Upcoming Games Of 2018
We already know there are some killer games that are set for release in 2018 that you will
Sad Iphone 8 Features Apple Is Reportedly Struggling With...
If you have been following online rumours about the iPhone 8 that is yet to be revealed it seems that
Paypal's New Plugin Can Help Merchants Sell And Ship Items Internationally!
PayPal now offers a tool to help online sellers reach international markets easily. The tool comes in
Battle Royale Update For Red Dead Online Is Here
Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the top 2018 games, but the beautiful part of gaming is that it is not
Video: Best And Craziest Of Ces 2017!
In this video, CES names the craziest innovations and gadgets that they have found this year!Do you
Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be A 105GB Download
Time to delete all those unplayed PlayStation Now games that you are keeping to make space for Red Dead
There Is An App That Will Let You Type Like This...
There must be some time in your life where you have come across that weird text that people type –
Turns Out WhatsApp Will Show Ads
If you still have not found the ultimate messaging service which is not Whatsapp, well, now is probably
Netflix Vs The World Documentary Is A Must Watch
The upcoming documentary, Netflix Vs The World, showcases the two-decade journey from DVD stores
This Project Might Change The Way You Look At Online Recommendations
Surely everyone has come across the recommended for you, which is based on your internet history, games