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Cybersecurity Apps Could Be Worse For Your Smartphones Privacy

In early September, Apple removed several Trend Micro anti-malware tools from the Mac App store after

Best Anti-spyware Removals And Protection!
If you are worried about spyware infections on your devices, your best bet would be to invest in a security
This Security Robot Drowned Itself, Well That Is Awkward!
A Knightscope security robot at the Washington Harbour shopping mall is assigned to do tedious mall-cop
This App Leaked Thousands Of Ids And Passwords
Thousands of users data has been leaked on the so-called TeenSafe app.TeenSafe is a teen device-monitoring
Fortnite Creators Came Up With a Brilliant Way To Protect Users
Fortnite, the most popular video game, and their creators came up with a brilliant new way to encourage
Netgear Launches A Separate Business With Its Security Cameras
Netgears Arlo security cameras are a hit, so much that the company is turning them into a separate business.
Gmail Is Now The Most Secured Email Platform
After all the data leaks and breaches with hackers wanting to crack your Wi-Fi, Google has now launched
Mozilla Released A List Of The Creepiest Gadgets
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Mozilla has released a list of the creepiest gadgets, which
Here Is Why Cloud Computing Needs To Be Improved
If you use any online social networks, e-mail programs, data storage service or music platforms, you
Video: Security Drone That Roams Your Home On Its Own...
Aire is an aerial robot that can be engaged remotely to provide a live stream inside the house, featuring
WhatsApp's Backup Could Put Business Chat Groups At Data Risk
WhatsApps new backup for business chat groups could put their data at risk for a data breach.One of
This Is The Future Of Ai Surveillance
The world of automated surveillance is booming, with new machine learning techniques giving CCTV cameras
Instagram Exposed Users' Data, By Accident
Instagram has notified some users that their password might have been exposed due to a security bug,
Video: Microsoft And Fujitsu Offers A Palm Login Scanner
Biometric security is becoming increasingly popular for a majority of the tech companies that wants to
Video: 10 Year Old Unlocks Face Id On Iphone X
With the iPhone X is well on its way towards the majority of iPhone fans, the new biometric security
Wi-fi Has Been Hacked, And It Is A Very Bad Thing!
Wi-Fi, the wireless data transfer technology that everyone uses on a daily basis, is in trouble. The
Video: Tesla's Model X Gets Hacked, But It Is For A Good Cause!
A Chinese security firm is showing Tesla how its Model X can be hacked. Keen Security Lab, a division
Introducing The Self-destructing Pc...if Someone Tries To Hack It!
With hacker being all over the scene in todays expanding technology realm, it is normal to be conscious
Researchers Hack A Computer... Using Malware Encoded In Synthetic Dna
A team of scientists have successfully shown that a computer can be hacked through malicious code incorporated
Why Are Some People Interested In Microchipping Themselves?
Thousands of people in Sweden have decided to insert microchips underneath their skin. These microchips
Video: New Gogoro 2 Is The Next Step In The Electric-scooter Lifestyle!
The latest trend is for companies to go green. The Gogoro Smartscooter is a great example of what the
Video: Incredibly Useful Chrome Extensions!
Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world - so lets take full advantage of that with some
Video: Dji Is Offering Money To Security Researchers To Stop Hackers...
DJI is offering between $100 and $30,000 to hackers who find and report vulnerabilities in the software
Giant Spambot Found With 711 Million Email Addresses...
Internet security researchers have found what they believe is the biggest list of email addresses and