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'ask Me Anything' On Instagram Is The Reality Of Social Media

 A few weeks ago, Instagram introduced a new ask me anything feature where users can ask each

Facebook Tests A New Feature For Stories
Their plan is to make RSVPing more seamless and is now testing a new feature that will allow you to share
Google Is Saving Lives With An 'undo Send' Feature For Gmail On Android
Google has decided to launch a new feature to Android, the Undo Send feature.Googles Undo Send feature
Turns Out Apple AirPods Can Spy On Conversations...
Apples AirPods are being misused to spy on conversations through a feature that was not meant to enable
Google Maps Gets A New Feature... Tells You Best Time Of The Day To Travel!
Google Maps now tells you when the best time of the day is to travel to your destination. While Google
Pinterest Adds A Shazam For Food To Their App!
Pinterest has announced a new recipe-finding feature, using computer vision to tell you about a dish
This Is What The Iphone X Plus Might Look Like
If you’re anything like the rest of the Apple fans out there, you’re going to have a hell
Is Instagram's Latest Feature Worth It Or Not?
Instagram reportedly launched a new feature, which comes in the form of longer videos, which will allow
Instagram's Latest Feature Make Emoji Commenting Easier For Users
Instagrams latest emoji feature is a shortcut bar that aims to cut down commenting time.The newest
Have You Seen The Latest Instagram Feature
Instagram has announced a new feature, which will allow users to follow people a lot easier on the social
Google Maps Wants To Be Just Like Waze
Google Maps will soon start to show speed limits on both iOS and Android version of the app, just like
Instagram Stories Crushes Snapchat With 250 Million Daily Users!!
About a year ago Instagram Stories did not exist and now Instagram Stories is at 250 million daily active
Sad Iphone 8 Features Apple Is Reportedly Struggling With...
If you have been following online rumours about the iPhone 8 that is yet to be revealed it seems that
Google Music Wants To Help You Discover New Music!
To discover new music is definitely something all of us surfing the internet on a daily basis needs and
Video: Are Squeezable Smartphones A Thing Of The Future?
HTC launched the U11 a couple of months ago and apart from the high-end specifications, the smartphones
Firefox Implements Another Tor-like Privacy Feature
The 58 Firefox version will block attempts to fingerprint users using HTML5 canvas elements. Canvas blocking
You Have To See Wikipedia's Latest Feature
Wikipedia has been around since the dawn of the 20th century, and for the first time, they have added
Facebook Will Add A New Dating Feature To The Platform
Facebook announced that the social media giant will now look into adding a dating layer to its main app.What
Instagram Stories Are Getting A New Feature
Instagram Stories are about to get even busier, with the addition of licensed music. Instagram users
7-Eleven Testing A New Scan And Go Technology
7-Eleven has decided to join the high-tech store race with the companys latest convenience perk for
Facebook Expands Its Dating App To Two New Countries
After launching Facebook Dating in Colombia in September, the company is now expanding its test markets
Instagram Introduced A Walkie-Talkie Update
Instagram is playing around with a new feature that will essentially allow users to send voice notes
Easily Share Your Posts Across Multiple Instagram Accounts
Sources state that Instagram has introduced a handy new feature in its iOS app that lets you share the
Video: Google Maps Now Highlights Busy Neighborhoods
In a new update hitting desktop, Android and iOS today, the Google Maps team has done a little