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Instagram Wants To Remove Fake Likes And Followers
Instagram wants to fight fake likes, followers, and comments by more actively removing them.Any fake
Samsung's 'Folding' Smartphone Will Cost You
The apparent title for Samsungs folding device is known as The Glaxay F, and it is going to cost you
Why Not Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers?
Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has finally added the Stickers feature, allowing
There Is A Dating App That Uses AI To Find Your Soulmate
A London based dating app has decided to start using AI as well as facial recognition technology to let
Users Will Soon Be Able To 'Unsend' Facebook Messages
Everybody makes a typo mistake? Or realized they are wrong? Or even more hectic, like said something
Turns Out WhatsApp Will Show Ads
If you still have not found the ultimate messaging service which is not Whatsapp, well, now is probably
This Company Might Just Beat Samsung With A Foldable Phone
Foldable smartphones have felt like theyve been on the cusp of arriving for years, but outside of a
Apple Will Be Getting A Drunk Emoji
With all the recent Apple news thats making its way around the Internet, Apple decided to add a drunk
More Secured Messaging On Its Way For Signal
WhatsApp is reportedly becoming just like Instagram, where you will see adverts in-between your besties
This Is Xiaomi's New Flagship Phone
The bezels around smartphones nowadays are hard to get rid of because the selfie camera still needs
Instead Of Using WhatsApp Here Are 5 Other Messaging Apps
Everybody knows that WhatsApp is most probably the most popular messaging app in South Africa, but it
You Can Now Share Soundcloud Songs To Instagram
Its been a busy week for SoundCloud, and now the company has announced that its users can share music
Facebook's Latest Portal Device Will Most Probably Spy On You
Facebooks year of security issues was enough to scare people off their feeds for all of about two
Apple Features South Africans Do Not Have
Apple has tons of cool features that can be accessed via their devices.However, in South Africa, the
Taxify Is Now Part Of Google Maps
Taxify has been integrated into the Google Maps app, so people planning their travel routes using Google
Imagine An Android Phone That Can Text For You
Essential Products Inc, who is the consumer electronics startup run by Android creator Andy Rubin, has
Have You Seen The Latest Instagram Feature
Instagram has announced a new feature, which will allow users to follow people a lot easier on the social
Facebook Will Soon Add Ads To WhatsApp
There is a lot going on over at the Facebook-owned outfits, with Instagrams founder leaving, and theres
Google Celebrates 20 Years With A Better Way To Search
To celebrate its 20th-anniversary, Google is making a load of changes to its search.These changes include
Apple Bought Shazam And Will Make It Add-Free For Everyone
Apple has successfully completed its acquisition of Shazam, the popular music identification app.The
You Can Now Send GIFs On Instagram
Instagram has introduced a feature everyone has wanted since the dawn of the company.And no, it is not
Apple Music Works With Android Auto
Apple has recently launched an updated version of Apple Music on Android, and the biggest new addition
Want To Know What Is Inside The iPhone XS Boxes?
Not many people will get their hands on the new iPhone XS until who knows when, however, a fortunate
Siri Has Some New Shortcuts With Apple's Latest Software Update
With the latest iOS 12 update, Apple is making sure that Siri will make all the fans love her even more,