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You Can Download The Latest iOS 12 Update Now
Apple has announced the release date for its upcoming iOS 12 update: September 17th, but you don’t
Can New iPhones Help Apple To Be The Cool Kid Again?
With Apples latest launch happening, as we speak, the company is set to unveil new iPhones, hoping to
Instagram's Latest Feature Make Emoji Commenting Easier For Users
Instagrams latest emoji feature is a shortcut bar that aims to cut down commenting time.The newest
Google’s New Travel Tool Helps Vacationers Find Free Activities In New Cities
Google launched a new travel tool that will help you find new fun and free things to do in new cities.If
Instagram Decided To Start Building A Shopping App
Instagram recently announced that the social media platform will build a shopping app.The app, which
What To Know About Samsung's Foldable Smartphone
Samsung has been working on bendable and foldable display technologies for years, and now the company
What Can Be Expected From Apple's Next Event
Apples next event is around the corner, and here is what fans can expect.Turns out Apple is planning
Save Data For Emergencies With Google's Datally
Googles Datally is an app that saves data for emergencies, however, it is for Android users only.Datally has two
Whatsapp Messenger Stores Your Private Messages
Your private messages on WhatsApp Messenger gets stored on their drive, where it might actually contain
9 Tips On How To Stay Safe And Secure On Instagram
Instagram is great for sharing images, and videos, but it is nowadays very important to protect your
The Motorola P30 Looks Just Like An Iphone X
When it comes to the shameless copying of all the smartphones out there, we dont often think of Motorola,
Want To Know How To Install Fortnite On Your Android?
Epic Games finally launched their popular game, Fortnite, on Android devices last week.When
The Zanco Tiny Is The World's Smallest Phone
The Zanco Tiny T1 is officially the worlds smallest mobile phone and is designed to push the boundaries.Zanco
This New Ar App Turns Music Into Something You Can See
Imagine seeing some crazy retro visuals when listening to music? Well, this augmented reality (AR) app
Facebook Starts Planning How To Monetize Whatsapp
Facebook is getting serious about monetizing WhatsApp after the social media network reported sluggish
Canadian Telecoms Make The Most Money On Mobile Data
Canadians have some of the lowest mobile data usages in the world, and the slowest uptake for data usage,
Facebook No Longer Grants Access To Certain Apps
All of the app makers who did not submit to Facebooks review process by August 1st deadline will be
All Instagram Posts Are Now Starting To Look The Same
The wonderful world of the internet is filled with gems like the latest Instagram account Insta Repeat.The
This Is Why Certain Mobile Phone Batteries Die So Fast
Why do mobile batteries die so fast? and why can they only be recharged so many times before they wont
'ask Me Anything' On Instagram Is The Reality Of Social Media
 A few weeks ago, Instagram introduced a new ask me anything feature where users can ask each
Sony Sets Out To Give The Best Mobile Photography Quality
Mobile photography has seen major growth in the past decade, and smartphone camera sensors and lenses
Samsung Mocks Apple In Their Latest Advertisements
When it comes to advertisements, Samsung loves to mock Apple and their fans that line up outside
This Is The Last Glass Protector You Will Ever Need
Cornings latest Gorilla Glass protector covers the display of phones from Apple, Samsung, LG and many
Pinterest Launched A New Chat Feature
For many users, Pinterest is the go-to tool to start planning outfits for the summer, party ideas, weddings