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WhatsApp Hack: How To Protect Yourself
The WhatsApp hack that broke ground recently appears to have been targeted specifically at political
Google's New Messaging App Can Tell What You're Texting About
Google has recently announced that a new Google Assistant integration is coming to the search giants
Twitter Wants To Improve The Way Its Users Communicate
Twitter recently announced that the company is working on a new testing program that might improve user
Top 10 Free Android Apps For 2019
Everybody loves free apps, especially when it is educational or just pure fun to use, so, here are the
There Is An Augmented Reality App That Lets You Fit Sneakers
Belarus startup company, Wannaby, has come up with a solution for buying sneakers online and decided
Gmail's Mobile App Will Get A New Design
Google has finally decided to refresh its Gmail’s old school appearance on mobile, bringing
Fortnite Now Supports Bluetooth Controllers On Mobile
The latest update for Fortnite allows mobile players to connect a Bluetooth controller to their handset
Uber Lite Is The Only Uber App You Really Need
There are many lite versions of some of the most popular apps today, all aiming to make our lives easier
Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp Messages Will Merge Into One
Mark Zuckerberg is planning on releasing a single app that people could use for all their messaging needs.It
There Is An App That Will Let You Type Like This...
There must be some time in your life where you have come across that weird text that people type –
This App Allows You To Work Out With Top Fitness Influencers
This company, known as Plankk, is a wellness startup, and they just introduced a new way of taking classes
WhatsApp Will Limit The Amount Of Messages You Can Forward
WhatsApp has announced that it will limit the number of times a user can forward a message, in a bid
Motorola RAZR Will Make A Comeback As A $1500 Folding Smartphone
Do you remember the Motorola RAZR? The iconic retro flip phone and a status symbol touted by celebrities
Ever Wondered How Your Mobile Phone Works?
For most of us, a mobile phone is part of our lives, but surely your curious minds have always wondered
There Is A Dating App That's Inspired By Black Mirror
In Black Mirror Season 4, episode Hang the DJ, it portrays a futuristic dating app in which an AI called
Facebook Tests A New Feature For Stories
Their plan is to make RSVPing more seamless and is now testing a new feature that will allow you to share
You Can Now Schedule Your WhatsApp Messages
WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app in the world and users can now schedule
Easily Share Your Posts Across Multiple Instagram Accounts
Sources state that Instagram has introduced a handy new feature in its iOS app that lets you share the
Might This Be The Latest Apple 'Leak'?
The latest leak of what seems the be the upcoming Apple iPhone XI could feature three cameras on its
Cybersecurity Apps Could Be Worse For Your Smartphones Privacy
In early September, Apple removed several Trend Micro anti-malware tools from the Mac App store after
Instagram Introduced A Walkie-Talkie Update
Instagram is playing around with a new feature that will essentially allow users to send voice notes
There Is An App That Helps Deaf Children Read
Huawei developed an app that uses artificial intelligence to help deaf children read.Deaf children face
Samsung Invents A Smartphone That Can Stretch Into A Tablet
A new patent application from Samsung for a smartphone has been revealed thats able to be stretched
Latest Instagram Update Emphasises More On The Users
Instagram announced, on its latest press site, that the company is testing out new user profile layouts.Over