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Facebook Introduced A New Advertising Platform
The social media and tech giant, Facebook, has announced the arrival of several tools for businesses
Whatsapp Has A New Feature And It Might Be Good Or Bad
The reason behind the latest update on WhatsApp is that the company plans to battle the misinformation
This App Reads All The Information About Cities To You
In case you were curious, and if you are a fellow Wiki-addict who loves obscure local trivia, there is
Whatsapp Now Allows You To Be In Control Of Group Chats
Surely we have all been invited to a group chat on WhatsApp that was set up to do one thing but
Samsung Phones Are Up To No Good...
First thing first, protect the nudes, cause it turns out that Samsung phones are sending users photos
Instagram Is Testing A New Feature, Again!
Instagram seems to be testing a couple of new features related to Stories, which is now one of the most
Instagram Stories Are Getting A New Feature
Instagram Stories are about to get even busier, with the addition of licensed music. Instagram users
The Latest Walking Dead Game Is Basically Pokémon Go
By now, surely everyone should know what The Walking Dead is all about, if not, well then you are missing
Facebook Groups To Charge Subscription Fees For Access
Facebook will soon allow group administrators to start charging between $4.99 and $29.99 a month
Do Not Fear, Instagram Won't Alert Users When You Take A Screenshot
Earlier this week Instagram confirmed to Buzzfeed that it is no longer testing a feature that would have
This Smartphone Concept Proves Less Is More
Smartphone sizes seem to be on the rise of late. The designs continue to grow physically, as their stimulations
Millions Of Facebook Users Were Affected By A 'bug'
Facebook is definitely not doing well to get their reputation back on track.On Thursday the social
Ever Wondered How The Instagram Algorithm Works?
Even though Instagram has been guilty of users experiencing a chronological Instagram feed, it seems
This Bendy Smartphone Is Everything An Iphone Can Be
This design offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones, their recent developments and the futuristic
Why Not Mute All Those Irritating Accounts On Instagram?
The hardest part of social media punishments in the unfriend part, but Instagram is rolling out yet
This Tesla Iphone X Features Something Worth Its Tag Price
Russian accessories manufacturer, Caviar, has released a Tesla limited edition iPhone X.It’s one
The Future Of Samsung Will Be Ai, In All Of Their Devices
Samsung expects to have AI features in all of its devices by 2020, but how far is the company willing
Google Maps Brings In An Old Waze Feature
Seems like Google Maps is saying goodbye to the blue arrow, by rolling out a small but cute update that
Twitter For Android Is Getting Its Own Emoticons
How bad is this situation... Android emoji cannot be seen on Twitter?Its so bad, in fact, that Twitter
Get Ready To Find Out How Much Time You Waste Online
Attention all highly-addictive and loveable users of the social media app, Instagram.Have you ever wondered
This App Will Know Exactly How You Feel
Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, how we learn, how we communicate and even how we make decisions.It
Milleniums Are No Longer Interested In Snapchat
Snapchat has official hit an all-time low among millennials, which does not fare well for the story sharing
There Is An App That Will Soon Assist The Blind
Google has revealed an upcoming app that is specifically designed to help blind or visually impaired
Here Is What Augmented Reality Can Do For Google Maps
Earlier this week Google launched a bunch of new, futuristic plans for the biggest search engine on the