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Whether it’s mere entertainment or even modern gadgets, they are constantly adapting to consumer needs. Geekerhertz will help shed some light on the eye-opening world of innovative gadgets

This Is The Gadget You Never Knew You Needed
This is a gadget that you might have never thought of, or even knew that you needed.Smart home technology
Here Are Some Of The Best Console Games For This Year
Its been a pretty insane year for all the console games and, with all the hardware thats made its way
Google And Levi's Have Launched A Smart Jacket
When it comes to smart clothing, it, first of all, sounds a bit odd to think that companies are heading
This Case Turns Your Phone Into An Action Camera
Defoxs 3D printed Periscope case does a pretty neat thing, which allows your smartphone to transform
Ridy Will Get You From A To B Without The Zzzz
Ridy is an artificial intelligence device that will help drivers stay focused on the road and can pick
This Robotic Device Reimagines Walking Disabilities
The Tek Robotic Mobilization Device is not a wheelchair alternative, but a brand new mobility platform
The First Heavy Lift Drone For High Altitude Cleaning
This is the first heavy-lift drone thats designed for high altitude cleaning services.The Latvian company, Aerones,
Apple's AirPods Will Soon Be Charging Wirelessly
According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will release an upgraded model with wireless charging support in the
Amazon Launched A New Self-Driving Toy Car
Amazon web services launched a self-driving toy car, that hopes to encourage a community of developers
Have You Seen This Creative Controller For Photoshop?
This is a product that all of you avid photographers and designers wont want to miss! The TourBox has
Have You Seen The Latest DJI Osmo?
DJIs got you covered with their latest gadget, the DJI Osmo Pocket, which, if you know your DJI product
Apple's Latest iPad Pro Is A Weak Design – Here Is Why
JerryRigEverythings channel typically puts a variety of different products through their paces, including
Have You Seen This Wooden Pinhole Camera?
Film cameras are making a comeback, and a small crafts company, ONDU, has created a pinhole camera from
The Mabot Bellrobot Toy Is Every Kids Dream
Mabot by Bellrobot is a plug-n-play toy building kit that provides kids with modular components to create
There Is Officially A Pokémon Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi-inspired Pokémon devices have existed for some time, but now a new collaboration between
Mozilla Released A List Of The Creepiest Gadgets
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Mozilla has released a list of the creepiest gadgets, which
This Is The Power Supply You've Been Waiting For
If there is one thing every project requires it is definitely electricity, and that is where this power
Showerboard Shows Just How Lazy People Are To Walk
Showerboard is a new form of hoverboard, but the promo video actually just make it look like people are
Seems Like The Next Craze Might Be A Foldable Smartphone
So the foldable smartphone that Samsung has been talking about for a while now has finally made its appearance.It
These Are Retro Pocket Games And You Can Choose Which You Want
The latest creation from Love Hultén sees him put his 2015 Pixel Vision pocket gaming system on
A 3D Printed Guitar That Can Make Music
Frank Piesik, who is an instrument modder, has combined 3D printing, electronic hackery and touch sensing
Amphibious Drone Performs Belly Landings On The Water
Aeromaos new Aeromapper Talon Amphibious drone can be controlled over a range of 30 km and can do belly
This Virtual Reality Glove Makes VR Feel More Real
Virtual Reality (VR) can be a truly breathtaking place as well as an experience, but a touch of an object
Want A Creepy Robot Finger To Carry Your Smartphone?
MobiLimb is the creation of a bunch of French researchers who have managed to attach a finger to a smartphone